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The concept of Global Citizenship and approach towards the Holistic Education has been the essence and vital force of Darjeeling Public School which ensures their glorious past.

Registration & Admission is going on for the session of 2020-21 Happy Republic Day to all of Students,Parents and Teachers
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We, at Darjeeling Public School firmly believe that the goal of the school is to educate each student academically to the best of his or her abilities and at the same time to provide opportunities for his social, artistic and aesthetic growth. The achievement of this goal requires lot of hard work, sincerity, perseverance and never – say- die spirit and we at this school are honestly committed to that.

Darjeeling Public School has made its spot in the most preferred list of Best CBSE schools in Darbhanga, at Darbhanga Education Leadership award and is preferred by a number of students. Our school located in Darbhanga at Kabir Chock (Darjeeling Public SCHOOL – Kabir chock) and are spread across Darbhanga district of Bihar. and Top 10 CBSE Schools in Darbhanga. Our School Registration Number - D0215/17 & Darjeeling Public School aims at providing each child with a 360° development, along with the safest and most secure environment for a child after his or her home. We are building second homes for both, our Local Students by delivering safety and personal attention to every single child.

Darjeeling Public School has been providing outstanding education and support to students across the globe. Darjeeling Public School is registered of state Goverment of Bihar, India. It follows the CBSE curriculum in Kindergarten and switches to The Best CBSE Schools for grades Nursery to 8, representing multiple ethnicities – making us a truly national community. We offer a blend of academic, cultural, technological and Localy connected activities within a dynamic environment in Darbhanga.

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  • Our Education System are Successful.
  • Experienced Teachers.
  • Excellent Quality of Education.
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Darjeeling Public School Darbhanga

Kabirchowk ,Police Statio-Sadar Darbhanga Bihar 846004 T: (+91) 9570302323 M: (+91) 94314-51170,8210617373