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Why The Best Schools in Darbhanga

We, at Darjeeling Public School firmly believe that the goal of the school is to educate each student academically to the best of his or her abilities and at the same time to provide opportunities for his social, artistic and aesthetic growth. The achievement of this goal requires lot of hard work, sincerity, perseverance and never – say- die spirit and we at this school are honestly committed to that.

  • Teaching style is unique.
  • A Grade School Facility in Darbhanga.
  • Best in CBSE School in Darbhanga.
  • Hostel Facility are available
  • Transport Services are avaialable
  • English Medium Schools
  • The Best Schools in Darbhanga

The Students of secondary grades of V to X, are provided with significant understanding of each subject. Once the foundation of learning is established in the primary classes, they are further provided with required academic rigor in order to prepare them for the upcoming challenges. We provide our students with an integrated knowledge for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, in an easily comprehensible manner through our unique teaching methods. The curriculum for this phase focuses on the career building of a student apart from academic achievements, for which different activities and program are initiated along with the academic subjects in the curriculum. Up to grade VIII, the teaching is as per CBSE curriculum, but the teaching methodology, assessments, and the lesson plans are as per the norms of international boards. From VIII onwards, our students are channelised towards a specific syllabus to help them focus on their class X milestone.


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Darjeeling Public School Darbhanga

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